Tips for Care of Your Kurma Yoga Mat

When you first receive your mat a light film from manufacturing must be rinsed off. Not washing your mat before use will lead to a slippery initial usage. We have found for best results use soapy water and some coarse salt (the salt really does make a difference!).

To wash your mat, make a simple solution of water, mild detergent and salt then scrub the top of your mat with a dish brush or similar. Then rinse and towel dry. Your mat is ready for a lifetime use, enjoy!

Keep in mind

Like a good baseball glove or pair of shoes, your yoga mat will take a little time before it has reached its optimum and lifetime potential, in this case, its final and amazing grip!

The more you use your mat, the better the grip becomes.

The best way to break in your mat is to do lots of yoga practice! You can also place the mat somewhere where you will walk over it with bare feet often.

A Few More Tips

  • Wiping your mat down with a cleaning cloth is all that is required for ongoing cleaning
  • Do not put your yoga mat in a washing machine or dish washer
  • Avoid folding or using your mat before it is completely dry
  • If you sweat excessively, use of towel during your practice is recommended