Heavy Duty, Luxuriously Dense, Non-Slip Grip Professional Yoga Mats that are Safe on Joints & Improve Stability

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Genuine German Yoga Mats Since 1988 – Now Available in the USA!

25 Years of German Engineering = The First & Last Yoga Mat You’ll Ever Need

The Kurma Professional is a heavy duty, high performance yoga mat.

Recommended and used by yoga teachers for a safe and successful yoga practice. The Kurma Professional provides an unmatched surface in comfort, stability, and grip.

What the Kurma Professional Yoga Mat does best is let you focus on yoga:

• No bunching
• No slipping
• No squishing
• No smelling
• No toxins
• No wear & tear

The Kurma Professional is guaranteed to last your lifetime. If it doesn’t, we’ll replace it for free, it’s our promise.

Invest in Kurma Profressional Yoga Mat for a Lifetime of Better Yoga

High Quality Professional Yoga Mat

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Solving the Professional Need for a Reliable High Performance Yoga Mat

The Kurma Professional yoga mat was developed in Germany by Claus Grzesch, who has been a yoga practitioner since 1975. Claus is a direct disciple of India’s foremost yoga guru, B.K.S. Iyengar, and continues to be one of Europe’s most respected Iyengar yoga teachers and teacher trainers.

On a mission to enhance his own practice, Claus began developing and testing yoga mats in order to find a better high-performance surface to practice yoga. Claus created and tested over 100 types of mats, before he landed on the recipe and quality of the Kurma Pro.

For nearly 20 years, the Kurma Professional yoga mat has been the top choice of yoga professionals across the globe.

The #1 European Yoga Mat is now Available in the USA

Claus Grzesch Kurma Yoga

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Swiss Certified Non-Toxic to the World’s Highest Standard

OEKO-tex Certified Yoga Mat

Kurma Yoga Mats are tested & certified Non-Toxic by Oeko-Tex® to Standard 100.

Oeko-Tex® is an independent Swiss testing institute for harmful substances, whose certification proves there is no risk to consumer health.

This label represents an important decision-making tool for purchasing any manufactured textile. Oeko-Tex® is known as a pioneer in testing for harmful substances that clearly exceed all national regulations in order to protect consumer health. All mats are free of phthalates and free heavy metals.

This is a yoga mat you can feel good about spending time with.

Beautiful Green Color Now Available. Very Limited Stock!

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Seriously Extreme Durability.

If your mat rips, flakes, tears, or even begins to fall apart or becomes unusable, we will happily replace it for free.

It is our promise no matter how many years pass. If your mat is not providing you with the support you need to practice your best, just send it back to us and we’ll replace it for free, guaranteed!

Mats eligible for replacement must have been purchased in the USA. Return of the original mat and proof of purchase is required for mat replacement.

Kurma Yoga Mat Guarantee

Protect Your Joints & Keep Your Balance. Premium Density & Surface Tension Set Kurma Apart

Black Mat Yoga Mat by Kurma Germany

Imagine pressing your knees down into the floor without pain. Imagine on foot that same surface feels as stable as the floor.

The Kurma Professional does just this. It protects and comforts knees, wrists and spine by maintaining a perfect density between give and hold. There is nothing squishy about this mat.

You will never have to interrupt your flow to find extra padding or double-up your mat for comfort.

You will also never have the sensation you are trying to balance on a mattress, rather than on a floor. Typical thick yoga mats do not provide this amount of joint cushion while maintaining this necessary surface tension.

In order to push your yoga practice to the next level, you need this combination of comfort and stability.

The Kurma Professional Yoga Mat Gives You the Foundation to Improve Your Practice

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Why is this PVC Yoga Mat the Most Responsible & Sustainable Choice?

Wouldn’t you like to really know you are making the best choice?

It is not hard to become an expert in choosing the best yoga mat for yourself and the environment. Being involved in the production of yoga mats for the past 25 years, we have learned a lot! Like you, we wanted to practice on the best possible surface while remaining true to the values of yoga.

It might sound enticing to purchase a yoga mat branded as “eco”, but if the mat needs replacing after just 1 year or even 3, it is surely more beneficial to the environment to buy a mat that will last your lifetime.

Replacing your mat yearly even from a so-called eco material still contributes to manufacturing energy, emissions, shipping carbon, packaging, etc.

If a yoga practitioner realizes that she or he spends a considerable part of their life on their yoga mat then it does not make sense to put up with anything mediocre, only to save a few dollars. Let’s begin »

Most yoga mats are made of either Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), Rubber or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), with a smaller group being made of Jute, Cotton or Bamboo.

The later bunch are a nice idea but simply can not withstand a vigorous yoga practice. One can not expect much support or longevity from a jute, cotton or bamboo mat, all which put off nearly twice the manufacturing emissions of PVC and require constant replacement.

The former 3, TPE, Rubber and PVC comprise 95% or more of the yoga mats in use today and all involve the use of oil. We remained open to the idea that the use of well-purposed oil can actually be more sustainable to our earth…

Rubber can be either natural (from trees) or synthetic. Most yoga mats with claims of having a natural product use natural rubbers, which are then processed with chemicals to make them into a durable product. With this in mind, you should be skeptical to claims of 100% natural rubber products.

The environmental issue regarding natural rubber are far from being resolved. Increased demand for rubber means that more tropical rain forest will be cut to plant rubber trees. We understand that tropical forest is cut for essential food crops for the local population, but we do not condone the cutting of forest for industrial crops like rubber trees, which destroy tropical biospheres and the living environment for many animal and plant species.

It is a rather sad sight, seeing the diverse vegetation in areas like Kerala/South India, Malaysia and Indonesia disappear to make room for rubber mono culture. Very few plants are able to survive under the shade of a monoculture of rubber trees. As an example, South India is already experiencing a severe shortage of Ayurvedic herbs because of this.

After the rubber is harvested by hand it must first undergo chemical processing to maintain it and then further processing and additives to make it into a durable product. Natural rubber products will only withstand perhaps 2 years of use or less before actually breaking down and coming apart. Rubber breaks down under sunlight and oxygen exposure, and with high heat exposure will break down even faster.

For the user, a natural rubber mat will smell (something like tires) and usually contains latex, which is often what natural rubber is, a common allergen. One can expect to replace their mat after breathing its fumes in roughly 2 years. For us, rubber is not an option.

So now we are looking at the two remaining yoga mat materials to consider, TPE and PVC. It is important to note that all types of TPE and all types of PVC are NOT created equal. When manufacturing these materials there are many grades of quality and many ways to both increase and decrease the impact on the environment and end user.

To cut to the chase, TPE in any form does not compare to the durability and strength of PVC. Our tests with TPE yoga mats resulted in less superior initial products and a much faster break-down and wear-out of the mat compared to experiments and use of PVC mats.

After extensive testing, research and of course personal use with all possible materials, non-toxic PVC yoga mats came in first, by far!

• PVC mats last the longest. They will last 5 times longer than any other mat and we’re hoping, our lifetimes.

• PVC manufacturing has a very good energy saving record.

• PVC does not have allergens (like rubber).

• When PVC is produced correctly, it is not toxic at all. With this method, phthalates and heavy metals are removed. Kurma mats are carefully tested to be absolutely certain that they are. This is what our Oeko-Tex® certification proves.

Many of the yoga mats nowadays are only cheap because of a lack of environmental concerns and concerns for the workforce that produces them. Kurma mats are manufactured according to German labor and environmental rules, which are among the strictest in the world.

Kurma mats will last for a lifetime if properly cared for. In the long run, your Kurma mat will save you money and the environment while you enjoy the highest level of comfort!

For these reasons we have chosen non-toxic PVC and so should you.

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